This morning I am extremely grateful for the Facebook groups I belong to, because they have given me the opportunity to meet other business leaders in the design industry, other small business owners in Ontario, and other people who are looking to improve their own lives. They provide support, a place to learn, and an opportunity to help others.

After a tough meeting yesterday, I spent the majority of the day depressed. Clients who question everything you do are difficult, but I’m going to look on this as an opportunity for improvement. I’ve spent some time reflecting on it, and have reviewed a few of my processes and communication templates with clients, and I really need to stick with those instead of off-the-cuffing it.

At least the meditation and exercise first thing in the morning help control the anxiety I feel most days. There’s still a little bit there, but it’s definitely less.

I finished Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People yesterday and learned about making the other person happy to do what I want them to do, encouraging them, and giving them a reputation to live up to. The encouragement thing reminds me of how you’re supposed to train an animal – with positive reinforcement.

I slept through my first alarm this morning. Thankfully my fitbit has an alarm as well that I set for shortly after my phone’s alarm. Waking up early is hard.

I’m almost done reading Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People. On one hand, there’s a lot of good information in there that, when I’ve applied it in my own life, absolutely makes sense. On the other hand, I don’t like the tone it’s been written in. I find it a little off-putting at times.

Yesterday I read about how you should help others save face and two other chapters that I don’t remember now.

I’ve got two products that I want to develop for sale and I will admit that my two excuses are that I don’t have time to develop them and that I don’t think people will buy them. But they both have really been on my mind for at least six months. In fact, one has been on my mind for a few years.

The first is the accessibility for designer book I mentioned yesterday. The second is a workbook on how to do a successful strategic web design – meant for the DIYers who would prefer to not pay a lot for services but need some help. I still think it would work well, and we could absolutely set up a funnel for it. Something John’s been wanting to test out for a while.

While doing some visualization this morning, I realized that even just visualizing confidently walking into a networking event and introducing myself to other people is enough to make my anxiety go through the roof. I definitely need to work on that in order to help myself feel ready for the YIP networking event next week.

Today I’m grateful for John – my fiancee, my business partner, my best friend. He is my support and my strength in areas where I can’t support myself. He believes in me.

Waking up today was a little difficult but as soon as I got myself out of bed and changed into exercise clothes it got easier. I like having a routine to follow. I just realized that “routine” is very close in spelling to “poutine” and now I am craving that.

I was planning on using my journalling time in the morning to blog, but now I’m wondering whether I should instead use it for finally writing that Accessibility for Designers book that I’ve had on the back burner for the last 3 years. But maybe that’s what I’ll move onto after this 30 day TMM experiment if it works out for me.

I recently finished reading Hal Elrod’s The Miracle Morning as a part of the Classy Career Girl’s 2018 Book Club and I feel like there are a lot of good principles that can be pulled from it. I want to give it a go. I mean, there will be some things that I take and adjust for myself. But one of the items that I will be trying is the Affirmations portion. And what I want to focus on is business success.

I believe that I am worthy of succeeding in business and that I deserve for MoonSoar Services to become a well-known business within the region. The more successful I can be, the more I can help other business owners grow and succeed. I am an expert in my field and my services are not a commodity. I will not doubt my knowledge or strength in the design field, and I will commit to always putting my best foot forward in acknowledgement that how I present myself and my business will help promote and grow my business. I will commit to connecting with one other local business owner every week, so that I can help grow my own and their businesses.