TMM Day 14

I fell asleep while reading yesterday morning and slept for about an hour… then slept again in the middle of the day for a good two hours… and went to bed early. I’m not sure if I’m coming down with something, or if my depression’s being super stupid these days.

Yesterday’s social glue discussion was about Productivity. Something that I find I used to be good with, but have lost practice with. I need to work on a couple of core ideas:

– getting rid of distractions (ie facebook when I’m working, etc)
– not dropping everything everything to address emails as they come in
– implementing sprints again (where I have a set amount of time and focus on getting as much done then)

This last post is kind of related to the co-working session that I had with the social glue people on Tuesday. It felt… a lot easier to work when I told myself that I had a set amount of time to get one task done.

I desperately need to go and get a blood test done. I was supposed to do that last week. Need ferritin levels checked. Hopefully (HOPEFULLY!) they’ll be normal and I won’t need another phlebotomy for a while. I had dreams of getting lost in the hospital while looking for the MDU to get my next phlebotomy done. And then stealing a peanut butter cookie while I was lost.