TMM Day 13

Finally got a difficult website live. I can’t believe how difficult this web host was to transfer the site to. First – the hosting package was so old that it didn’t have MySQL on it, even though the description of the package said it was included. Then – the host wouldn’t allow me to clone the site into the new environment like I do with other hosts. Next – the code to bring in a featured image no longer worked on this host for some reason. Lastly – the caching is all over the place, and I had to clear my cache multiple times to make sure I was seeing the up-to-date information in the backend. I’ve had to clear my cache for the front end on multiple mornings, but never had to in the back end to see which plugins were active on multiple occasions within the span of 10 minutes.

LinkedIn Visibility update: usually I would get one profile view every few weeks. Since I’ve started commenting daily, updating status twice a week, and writing an article once a week, I’ve gotten 15 profile views. Not a massive amount, but better than nothing. Now I just have to work on what exactly helps get the most people interacting with my posts.