TMM Day 12

Visibility update: before starting the whole “visibility on LinkedIn” experiment, I had one profile view every 3 weeks or so. Within the past week, I have had 15 views. Mostly from my own circle, but it’s a start. It’s actually an encouraging start.

Emily Ley’s A Simplified Life is one of the prettiest books I have ever owned. The photos, the typography, the page layout, the quality of paper. I am grateful for books like this. And I’m wondering how I can apply what it talks about to my own life. Quite frankly, the idea of purging stuff I own that I don’t use anymore terrifies me.

I get to go onsite to a client’s location today to help her view her website. I’m really hoping that we can push this site live this week – it’s going to really bring her business to the next level, and it will be a great one for the portfolio.

Someone used a phrase I suggested in a comment of a facebook group to describe a product they’re selling! This makes me giddy!

I finally feel caught up after being sick last week. I ended up working for part of the weekend, and late last night, but I am finally feeling caught up. It’s… a relief. And makes me feel a lot less anxious.