TMM Day 10

Yesterday morning’s writing was done on LinkedIn.

I’m starting to actually see benefits of some of the things I’m doing in mornings. Especially with the affirmations, which surprises me. I’m more confident. Less anxious. A lot less anxious. Like, when I went to a networking event on Wednesday evening, I wasn’t anxious. And normally I would be terrified.

Networking event went okay. Not really any leads per se, but it’ll be good to continue going there to build my personal network in case anyone knows anyone who needs our services. And because being social is important and the more social I am, the less anxious I am in social situations.

I’m going to be creating an opt-in for my newsletter – the non-developers guide to a more accessible website. Or something like that. Not sure about the title yet. But it’ll include 10 tips I think. Yeah, I think that’s good. And it goes hand in hand with the workbook idea as far as target market goes. People who are DIYing their own business websites, so we can foster that relationship until it grows to a point where they need someone else to help or take over.