I am worthy of success.

My anxiety’s pretty bad this morning so I’m trying extra hard to be mindful.

I finished Big Plan for the Creative Mind by Dannie Fountain & Reina Pomeroy yesterday. I’m all obsessed with goal setting now, and have transformed my morning visualization to goal check ins. See what I need to do each day to get closer to my goals.

There’s the big YIP event at the Chamber tonight that I’m pretty sure is where my anxiety is stemming from. I keep repeating some affirmations – “I enjoy meeting other people. I love social situations.” We’ll see how that works tonight. I will admit that I’m skeptical. At least I have John and some friends who will be there as well.

It’s weird turning away business, but it’s not in line with what I see for MoonSoar and would cost us more to take on for training, upgrading systems, getting software, than we could ever possibly make from it. It just doesn’t make sense. It’s unfortunate. I am also anxious that I may be harming a current business relationship by doing that. But in order to stay true to what MoonSoar does, to not get ourselves confused about it, it makes the most business sense.