TMM Day 4

My time doing visualization has evolved to a more goal-setting activity for the day, coming up with a plan of attack and a to-do list. I feel this is more effective as it prepares me to start my day and I can begin knowing exactly what I want and need to accomplish.

I’ve been reading The Big Plan for the Creative Mind by Dannie Fountain and Reina Pomeroy, and it’s really helping me recognize how important goal setting is, that specific goal setting techniques don’t work for everyone, and that it’s still important to be flexible with goals. Flexibility is my problem – the evolution and adjustment of goals, and letting go of ones when your direction in life and business changes.

Getting up in the morning is getting easier. I actually was able to get out of bed quickly today. I am finding that I’m getting A LOT more done in the mornings than I used to and that I feel like I actually have TIME.

Yesterday was better than Tuesday as far as mood, anxiety and depression goes.

Today, I am grateful for my curling friends. They’re not people I would normally connect with in real life. But they’re all awesome.

John and I are helping to plan a spiel for newbie curlers, and we are looking at prizes and potentially sponsors. I have a few ideas for people to approach, and I’m really thinking about creating a poster for a prize myself. That could be fun. I haven’t done anything artistic (other than websites or graphic design projects) in a long time.