TMM Day 1

While doing some visualization this morning, I realized that even just visualizing confidently walking into a networking event and introducing myself to other people is enough to make my anxiety go through the roof. I definitely need to work on that in order to help myself feel ready for the YIP networking event next week.

Today I’m grateful for John – my fiancee, my business partner, my best friend. He is my support and my strength in areas where I can’t support myself. He believes in me.

Waking up today was a little difficult but as soon as I got myself out of bed and changed into exercise clothes it got easier. I like having a routine to follow. I just realized that “routine” is very close in spelling to “poutine” and now I am craving that.

I was planning on using my journalling time in the morning to blog, but now I’m wondering whether I should instead use it for finally writing that Accessibility for Designers book that I’ve had on the back burner for the last 3 years. But maybe that’s what I’ll move onto after this 30 day TMM experiment if it works out for me.