The Miracle Morning Affirmation #1

I recently finished reading Hal Elrod’s The Miracle Morning as a part of the Classy Career Girl’s 2018 Book Club and I feel like there are a lot of good principles that can be pulled from it. I want to give it a go. I mean, there will be some things that I take and adjust for myself. But one of the items that I will be trying is the Affirmations portion. And what I want to focus on is business success.

I believe that I am worthy of succeeding in business and that I deserve for MoonSoar Services to become a well-known business within the region. The more successful I can be, the more I can help other business owners grow and succeed. I am an expert in my field and my services are not a commodity. I will not doubt my knowledge or strength in the design field, and I will commit to always putting my best foot forward in acknowledgement that how I present myself and my business will help promote and grow my business. I will commit to connecting with one other local business owner every week, so that I can help grow my own and their businesses.