Imposter Syndrome

I’ve been suffering from some MAJOR imposter syndrome lately.

I know we all get this. I also know that I am going to work my ass off until my business is successful because I’m just that gosh darn stubborn.

But… how do I know when it’s okay to stop working my ass off? I currently measure my success based on what other creatives online appear to be… with the massive followings, with people knowing who they are, with all of the happy perfect instagram posts… but because we don’t get to see what’s going on behind the online world, we don’t know if they actually are successful. Are they satisfied with their businesses and lives? Are they happy? Do they make enough money that their businesses will be afloat in five years?

I need to stop comparing my measure of success to theirs, because it’s never going to be the same.

At this point, a few things that I want to accomplish in order to feel successful are:

  • Making enough money in my business to be able to buy a house.
  • Being able to attend in-person networking events and having people recognize me as a local business owner.
  • Having 100 business owners on my mailing list that I send communications out to on a regular basis.

Today was the first Bravo Call for Social Glue Sessions Round 2, and in it Reina was talking about Visibility. This is something that I’ve been trying to wrap my head around for a month or so. What I know is this:

  • my target owns a small to medium sized businesses in the local area.
  • my target uses LinkedIn, and sometimes uses Facebook & Twitter.
  • my target reads traditional media.

I was hoping to focus on Facebook this year for doing the online marketing thing. But now I’m not sure that it’s not wasted effort. I’m also wondering if I should be attempting to get into traditional media somehow – whether that’s through advertising, advertorials, sponsored columns, etc.

Argh, this building a reputation is hard and I question myself way too much about everything.

Also, this stream of consciousness is a bit rambling.

I’m quite anxious about the small groups for social glue sessions – it’ll either help ease my imposter syndrome or it’ll make it worse.

Also, I need to be more mindful this year on marketing, client relations and building my business. I want to make each step forward deliberately so I can be sure that my business succeeds.