#MyStartupStory #day5: A Day in the Life

6:15. John’s alarm goes off and he hits snooze until I roll out of bed and make coffee.

7:00. I check my email and get organized for the day ahead. Monday includes a brief review of everything that’s due the upcoming week – I have one deadline and a large project due in a few days, so most of my effort this week is going to be focused on these two projects.

8:00. While coding a website for a client, I have the Dream, Girl documentary going in the background. I’m extremely impressed and excited with the documentary – it’s inspiring to hear the story of other female entrepreneurs.

9:00. I continue coding my client’s website and am quite pleased with how it’s coming along. I wanted to give the JointsWP Foundation 6 WordPress framework a try and am REALLY liking it. It’s speeding the process up a whole lot, and I really like the Foundation framework as a whole.

11:00. I spend the next hour doing some networking and marketing – typically it includes answering emails, connecting with people on social networks, reaching out to new people that I want to meet.

12:00. Lunch break – usually something quick, like leftovers. Today, it was leftover chili. I also grabbed a 10 minute power nap because it’s Monday, yo. That’ll teach me for staying up late curling last night.

1:00. I’m switching to do work for another client this afternoon. I’m working on some printed material for this client, along with their web material. I really enjoy this because because it gives me the opportunity to work in a variety of areas and it’s always something different.

3:30. I need to take a break so am taking full advantage of the fact that it’s still so beautiful out in the middle of November. I go out for a walk along the river.

4:00. I do another couple of hours of design work the client I had been working on earlier in the afternoon, just to finish up some loose ends that I had from the afternoon.

6:00. I watch two episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space 9 while I make (and eat) dinner (sausages, coleslaw and sautéed mushrooms), do a little bit of work on my blog, and answer some emails.

8:00. Most nights, this would be where John and I go over everything that happened today, talk over any roadblocks we may have, figure out strategy for coming days, etc. However, I spent half of yesterday at the curling club, so tonight I get to play catchup. Vacuuming, mopping and washing the guinea pigs’ bedding.

9:00. This is the point where I actually get to relax, snuggle my guinea pigs and read a book. Over the past couple of years I’ve had less and less time to read, but still make sure I get a little time every night to read, even if it’s only a little bit. Right now, I’m in the middle of Stephen King’s The Shining and I am loving it.

I have a few favourite times of each day. I’m really lucky that I get to work doing what I love – designing/coding websites and designing marketing materials. So I do definitely enjoy a large portion of my day.

That said, though, there’s nothing quite as wonderful as spending time with John and our guinea pigs at the end of every day. It allows me time to really unwind and centre myself, so that I’m relaxed and able to get a good night’s sleep to prepare myself for tomorrow.