#MyStartupStory #day2: My Business Started When…

When I was interviewing at my most recently past job, one of the questions that I was asked was where I saw myself in five years. Because I am a socially awkward penguin, I answered, “I want to be running my own business.” Even then, I knew that working in a corporate environment wouldn’t allow me to create my best work; I had just come from another corporate job where I was feeling stifled, and needed a quick fix. Fast forward almost five years from that interview, and the company I was hired at did some massive downsizing… and I found myself without a day job.

Thankfully, I had already been getting ready to go out on my own. I had already done a lot of the ground work, I had already been working with some clients, and was at the point where I couldn’t juggle both jobs. Although I knew it was time to make the jump, I was afraid to do it. The downsizing made the decision for me.

Last May, I took a week of vacation and headed up to the cottage to spend the time really jumping into my business. I knew it was going to be a side project for a short period of time, but needed that initial break in order get started. So, overlooking Lake Huron, I made the initial commitment that no matter what, I would make this business successful.

I wanted the freedom to work from whatever location I wanted to on any given day. I wanted to work on different types of projects. I wanted to not be dictated by a 9-5 schedule. And more importantly, I wanted the ability to work with companies and organizations that I could help become more successful.

So that’s what I’m now able to do, and I’m loving it.