#MyStartupStory #day1: Where I Create

I recently had the opportunity to start working for myself, and I’ve embraced it. It’s a change, it’s not easy, but it’s so much more rewarding. My company, MoonSoar Services works with small and medium sized businesses to create a website that will help grow their online brand and will work towards converting visitors into customers and clients. I love the ability to get one-on-one with these business owners, learning about their businesses and what their goals are, and putting together a plan that will help them achieve these goals.

In the meantime, I’m also working on doing this for my own business. I know how much stories help connect with other people, so I’ve joined the Classy Career Girl #MyStartupStory Movement, which seems to align itself perfectly with my desire to create my own story for my own business.

Today’s Challenge: Where I Create

We recently converted our spare bedroom into my office. While the rest of our apartment is utter chaos (at the best of times), I was able to take this small space and transform it into an environment that helps my creativity grow, while also preventing me from getting distracted by all of those dishes that need to be cleaned, or that basket of laundry that needs to be washed, or… well, you get the picture. I love that I have a separate space that I can isolate from the havoc of the rest of life.

The desk I’m using was quite the find and I’m in love with it. We have a lot of antique stores in the neighbourhood, and we found this at one of them. It’s a banker’s desk, built by the Preston Furniture Company. When we bought it, it wasn’t a pretty thing, but after a lot of sanding and refinishing, it’s … well, it’s beautiful. Not something I ever envisioned myself using but it suits me.

One of the biggest challenges I had working in the corporate world was that my anxiety and depression ebbs and flows with the overall mood of my environment. So when I was around people who were upset about something, who were disappointed, who were stressed out… well, I’d feel it acutely. One of the focuses I had when creating my current office was to make things as serene as possible, so I can actually focus on what I’m working on.

On my desk I often have a candle with some aromatherapy oils burning, a cup of coffee (or water or coke, depending on the time of day!), and numerous pads of paper with all of my notes from clients.

I also have a lot of knick knacks hanging around the office, all of them scifi themed. You can see the Shaun of the Dead figure in the picture above, but there’s also a light-up Spock that my friend Lisa got me one year at SDCC, a handful of Funko’s, and a small replica of Serenity (the ship from Firefly).